Hi, my name is Kevin. I'm an environmental engineer with experience in water quality modeling, lake and reservoir management, limnology, and drinking water treatment.

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May 2015
Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Virginia Tech

Dissertation: Predicting induced sediment oxygen demand in oxygenated lakes and reservoirs

May 2012
M.S. Environmental Engineering
Virginia Tech

Thesis: Modeling Manganese Sorption and Oxidation During Filtration
Published in Journal AWWA, February 2015

December 2009
B.S. Environmental Engineering
Michigan Technological University

International Minor in German
Graduated Magna Cum Laude

2015 - Present
Environmental Engineer
Hydros Consulting

- Developed water-quality models using CE-QUAL-W2 to estimate water quality in two proposed reservoirs
- Assisted with development and application of a custom 1-D river water-quality model
-Analyzed data and prepared the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Annual Operational and Water-Quality Reports for the Three Lakes System in Colorado
- Prepared proposals, budgets, and scopes of work for bidding on projects in response to RFPs and RFQs

2010 - 2015
PhD Candidate & Lake Management Researcher
Virginia Tech

- Investigated the relationship between turbulence and sediment oxygen demand in two lakes, comparing in situ field data with existing models of interfacial flux
- Fit kinetic models for oxygen consumption to in situ oxygen microprofiles in lake sediment
- Applied a coupled bubble-plume and 3-D hydrodynamic model to two lakes and modified the source code to account for spatial variability in sediment oxygen demand as a function of turbulence
- Planned, coordinated, and conduced three major, continuous field-sampling campaigns ranging from one to four weeks in duration on a water-supply reservoir in Virginia and a lake in Switzerland
- Analyzed temperature, oxygen, velocity, and turbulence data collected during field campaigns
- Created a computer model for simulating manganese removal from drinking water via adsorption to oxide-coated filter media and subsequent oxidation by free chlorine
- Published scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and a report for the Water Research Foundation
- Assisted writing and preparing research grant proposals
- Collaborated with leading scientists and engineers from the United States, Switzerland, Australia, and Spain

2010 - 2012
Water Operations Engineering Intern
Western Virginia Water Authority

- Managed hypolimnetic oxygenation systems in two water-supply reservoirs
- Organized and implemented programs for monitoring reservoir water quality and hypolimnetic oxygenation systems
- Evaluated the performance of a mechanical surface mixer for controlling algae and cyanobacteria
- Trained coworkers to use sampling equipment and interpret data

2008 - 2009
Undergraduate Lake Research Assistant
Michigan Technological University

- Conduced assays of labile carbon in lake sediments under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
- Characterized lake sediments from Onondaga Lake in New York
- Participated in a seven-day research cruise aboard the EPA R/V Lake Guardian on Lake Superior, collecting physical, chemical, and biological samples

Engineering Senior Design (Capstone) Project
Michigan Technological University

- Designed and proposed improvements to the spring-box and gravity-fed water distribution in Punta Sirain, Panama, a small native fishing village
- Visited Punta Sirain to interview village leaders, assess current water supply infrastructure, and collect land survey data

2007 - 2008
Landfill Engineering Co-op/Intern
Golder Associates

- Performed QA/QC duties at four municipal solid waste landfill construction sites in three states
- Collected and analyzed hundreds of soil, concrete, and groundwater samples
- Assisted in writing and compiling two landfill construction certification reports

Surveying Intern
Wilcox Associates

- Assisted professional land surveyors in performing construction staking and property boundary delineation surveys.

Water Quality Modeling
Lake & Reservoir Management
Environmental Sampling
Data Analysis & Visualization
When the well is dry, we know the worth of waterBenjamin Franklin
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  • E-mail: kevin@kabierlein.com
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